Solicitors / Lawyer Legal Service in Alanya
English Speaking Lawyers

There are few English, Russian and German speaking lawyers in Alanya. They guide foreign buyers on vital issues which should be followed during an estate purchase process. 

1. Legal Research of the Property

Property buying may vary from a country to another country. There are dıfferent rules and standars in every country. As you are not purchasing frequently property in Turkey, we advise you to buy through a trusted estate agency which have several offices and long years experiance.

Most important part of buying a real estate is to contact the rıght party and understand that seller is selling correct property which he is showing you. Lawyers may guarantee these issues and your money with a Due Diligence Report.

a) When you decide to purchase an estate, solicitor makes the initial checks in the Title Deed registration office to cover the followıng:
~ Basement 
~ Mortgage debt
~ Lien
~ Tax debt
~ Other debts and charges
~ If it is freehold or not 
~ Check the ownership fact of the property as written on the title deed

b) Solicitors also examine these related licenses:
~ Building license
~ Planning permits

2. Reservation Contract and Deposit Payment

Reservation contract secures the property on the client's name and confirms the agreed sales price and terms. It also shows that the payment made as deposit payment secures the agreed terms on the contract.

3. Property Purchasing Contract in Turkey

~ If there is a reservation contract which includes the agreed terms by the parties, the solicitor shall draft the purchase contract according to this. 
~ If there has not been a prepared contract and agreed terms, the solicitor shall draft the purchase contract according to the satisfaction of all parties with legitimize the requests of them. ~ If there has already been a drafted contract, solicitor shall review the contract to ensure that it doesn't damage the rights of client and is fully legal.

Solicitors Fee in Turkey

Lawyer legal service fee is 1% of the purchase price of the property minumum amount of 1.000 € + 18% VAT. This fee may vary from a lawyer to another. 
Kindly ask for purchasing process details for your case and the legal entities.

As a real estate agency, we have several lawyer / solicitor names we may advise you. As lawyers are dedicated to save the rights of property purchasers, they are absolutely not related to our company. There are several law offices in Antalya which are experts on Turkish Property Law. If you contact us, we might send you the list of lawyers. You might choose one these names and agree the terms by yourself.

However if you buy your property from Milano Homes, we follow up entire process safely without any solicitors charge.

Distressed Property in Turkey

When you buy a property, if you do not trust the seller or the real estate agent, you might have easily distressed property.

When you have a disstressed property in Turkey, Milano Homes advises to apply a lawyer. The most regulations are the same like in developed countries, but somehow in practice, there are different ways to resolve your distressed property sale problems in Turkey.

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