Milano Investment Company 

It was founded in 2001 by Tarık Öztürk in Alanya. The company operates in investment and jewelry business.
Since established, we have achieved great successes in both local  and foreign construction and real estate markets.  

Apart from jewelry business, we provide real estate sales, services, consultancy, projects investment, hotels, lands and malls.
Our Message: Let people feel the rich experince they have experienced wıth us. 
Our mission:  Enable our customers to follow their dreams and save their money so they feel happy.
Our Vision: To become a very special company who provides quality services all over the world. 

Our strategy:

1. We are selling our own properties to our customers, we offer beautiful and decent projects at the most affordable prices.
2. Milano investment team is an expert team who appreciate teamwork, have a decent communication skills and have a solid knowledge in the market. 
3. All of the projects and products are 15% below the market prices with fair and reasonable terms and conditions.
4. Our real estate projects are guaranteed to be sold within 3 months at the correct prices.
5. We offer lands, hotels and business centers for decent investment.
6. We offer investment partnership and investment advisory services.
7. We create our own construction work with modern designs and state of the art work style. 
8. Our experts team can collaborate and work directly with your experts.
9. We buy your properties at the right and reasonable price. 

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